About Us and Customer Reviews

Indy Warrior is Hamilton County’s first obstacle training course of its kind located inside Noblesville Athletic Club.  Just like an American Ninja Warrior, you can learn how to conquer cannonball alley, the unstable bridge, quintuple steps, balance obstacles, the infamous warped wall, and much more!

Indy Warrior is located inside of Noblesville Athletic Club and offers children and adult classes for ages 8+ and birthday parties, too!  American Ninja Warrior course tester, Jake Gorman, is the owner and instructor for all Warrior Classes.


Here is what people are saying about Indy Warrior!

“Warrior class is teaching my child how to have grit and never give up.   This is an invaluable lesson.  Thanks, Indy Warrior!” — Mark G.

“The kids and friends voted this birthday party as one of the best! They loved it!” — Stephanie

“I have never seen my son so excited about a camp before. He came home everyday talking about everything that he had done and how he was going to work harder next class to improve. He has already asked me to sign him up for the weekly classes. Way to go Coach Andy and Coach Mac for having such a positive influence on my son! Keep up the great work!” — Carrie B.

“My son LOVED the Warrior Camp and couldn’t wait to attend each day! Andy was very positive in his remarks to the boys.” — Kelly

“I have never had such a full body workout before.  It’s a fun and amazing way to gain overall strength.” — Rich B.

“Adding body weight exercises through obstacle training to my normal workout has really increased my overall core and cardio strength and conditioning.”  Brian K.

“It was a great party! The kids absolutely loved it and haven’t stopped talking about it! The staff did a wonderful job keeping the party organized and moving. They were also very encouraging to the kids and made sure that there were obstacles that all of the kids could be successful on. I also appreciated the flexibility with our time. We will definitely be back!!” — Robyn

“My son had a great time and was sad to see the camp end. I had been looking for something like this for awhile, and I was really glad we found your camp.” –Angela

“My boys had a blast at camp. They loved learning from Coach Andy and Coach Mac and are very interested in taking classes to continue to build their ninja skills.” – Angel

“Thank you so much for an awesome birthday party for our 9 year old son! All the kids had so much fun! It was definitely something different from what we have ever done for a birthday party and we were very pleased! Thanks again! We will be back!” — Emily

“I really loved how Coach Andy would conclude each session by asking the kids what they wanted to work on improving the next day and what they had done well. I think the variety of activities was great, and using the park was also a great idea. The class size was just right- it allowed Coach Andy and Coach Mac to get to know each child. I think it was also fantastic to have Coach Mac- a very positive role model for my 8 year old son to aspire to be- welcoming and encouraging and helpful. We are looking forward to coming back in a few weeks!” — Trish

“Thank you for helping teach my daughter grit and resiliency. Learning how to work hard, fail, try again, and push herself has been an invaluable lesson. Coach Andy is a wonderful role model for girl power!” — Pam G.

“My son left every day excited and looking forward to the next day. Even though he had many struggles it didn’t get him down, the positive reinforcement from the coaches made him believe he would complete it “next” time.” — Justin H.

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